About me

Hi, I’m a Portuguese mathematician born in China and raised in Portugal.
I am a Research Assistant at the University of Cambridge, working with the Boemo Group in the Department of Pathology.

Previously, I completed a bachelor’s in Mathematics (IST, Lisbon) and an MSc in Functional Analysis under Prof. Diogo Gomes (KAUST, KSA). Motivated by the fascinating applications of mathematics and computation in the field of cellular and molecular biology, I decided to pursue a PhD in applied mathematics in biology at UCL under the guidance of Prof. Karen Page. My dissertation focused on the mathematical modelling of the Notch-Delta signalling pathway in various epithelial tissues.

The collaborative nature of the bio-mathematical community and the realisation of the importance of solid and well-developed mathematical and computational tools for comprehending relevant biological processes further inspired me to seek a postdoctoral research project. Specifically, describing errors in DNA replication and gaining a general understanding of the significance of stochasticity in the dysregulation of such processes is one of a number of pertinent questions that I intend to investigate in this new research project, with particular emphasis on the complex implications of sequencing data analysis on oncogenesis, together with the development of AI tools to facilitate such analysis.

Whenever mathematics and biology permit, you can find me playing the classical guitar or chasing a football.

Summer in Cambridge